AUG 19, 2013

3 ways to make your presentation folder stand out

Presentation folders are an under estimated tool in the business world. Yes, they’re perfect for carrying around important documents and handing out at conferences and events, but they say a lot about the kind of business you are too.

The folder itself can set the tone of the meeting or conference you’re attending and give recipients an idea of what your business does its professionalism and so on.

Much like business cards though, presentation folders can fall into the ‘generic’ category and can be passed from hand to hand without making any real lasting impression.

In this blog I’m going to look at 3ways that you can make your presentation folder stand out from the crowd.

Let’s get started...

Target audience

The presentation folder isn’t for yourself so don’t try and create something that will appeal to you, but create something that will appeal to your target audience. Consider what would stand out to the people you’re going after whether that’s new customers, existing customers or whoever.

Are they an audience that expects professionalism at all times or can you be slightly more creative and informal with your design?

If you want your presentation folder to be a success then it has to appeal to the people who are going to be receiving it.

The design

So now you know exactly what you’re target audience are looking for it’s time to get down to the design. Most businesses decide to go for someone who can help them design it which is fine, but you should always know what kind of thing you’re after.

Colour – The colouring of your presentation folder will obviously be one of the first things people take notice of. If your target audience are all about professionalism throwing pinks, bright yellows and emerald greens in there isn’t going to work.  If you’re going for a more informal approach, well, the sky’s the limit!

Images – Good images help reinforce any point well. If for example you’re selling a new product you’re obviously going to want images of that product in there. Make sure you strike a nice balance between both text and pictures. It’s all very well and good that your customers can see the product but they need to know about it too!

Layout –People don’t want to have to churn through blocks and blocks of text. As I said in the last point, break things up evenly.

The print

So now you’ve spent hours researching your target audience and coming up with your design it’s time to get something printed! Firstly, only print one off. This will be the folder with which you can find mistakes and make alterations. You don’t want to print thousands off only to find that it’s not quite what you were after.

When you’re confident that everything is good to go you can print off your first batch. Remember, you’ve spent time on money making sure that the content is good and relevant so don’t neglect the quality of the folder itself. Look at different cards and papers you can print on. Do you want matte, gloss or run of the mill?

And there you go! You’ve just created a presentation folder that’ll stick out to the people you want it to! 

Created on 19th August 2013
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