APR 7, 2014

5 reasons you should use presentation folders


Marketing is a vital part of any business. But with stricter budgets comes fewer routes to advertise your organisation. One cost effective way to push your message however is with a presentation folder. They’re flexible, and can fulfil a number of roles.

Here we’re going to look at why you should consider using a presentation folder.

First impressions – When you send things to clients such as price lists, or new product run downs, what do you send them in? An envelope that get’s battered and dog eared in the post?

Take pride in the things you’re sending and make sure that you give a good first impression. Send it in a presentation folder to keep it looking pristine!

Cost effective – A lot of effective advertising is expensive. A presentation folder is one of the most cost effective options available to you. You’ll pay for the design and the print, but that’s it. And it won’t be much. Especially if you use a company like us!

Brand identity – Brand recognition is important. You want customers to instantly recognise you and think of you as an authority. A branded presentation folder will help cement your name in your clients’ minds.

Professionalism – Handing leaflets, important documents and other such things out to clients and throughout your team in a standard folder is fine. But if you want to look professional, you should a presentation folder.

Trade shows – If you and your organisation often visit trade shows to promote your products and services, presentation folders would be a wise investment. In them you can hand out product details, inserts, leaflets, contact forms etc.

Multimedia kits – IF you want to hand out CDs, DVDs, spec sheets and so on, you can customise your presentation folder. It can carry everything you need in one easy pack.

So a presentation folder is a versatile way to advertise your business. If you’d like to find out more about creating and printing one for your business, get in touch today. 

Created on 7th April 2014
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