OCT 2, 2013

5 things you should do when hiring a printing company

Do you want to spend a lot of money on printing presentation folders or business cards only to end up spending more than you thought you would and then not be happy with the finished product? Didn’t think so.

Unfortunately though, this is something that happens to many businesses. Why? Well, because they don’t know a lot about print! Why should they? A construction company aren’t going to be experts in printing advertising content.

This is why we’ve put together some dos and don’ts for anyone looking to print their own advertising material for the first time.

Deadlines – I’m going to guess that you need the printed material for a certain date. That could be anything from a conference or an in-house event. This is why you must make sure that the printing company you choose can promise to have your material ready for this date.

It isn’t just all down to them though. You need to have the design, copy and images all ready to go in plenty of time for the printing company. If they only receive your template a day before the event, don’t expect miracles.

Samples – Whilst you’ve been surfing the web looking at potential printing companies you’ve probably seen lines like - ‘we promise quality every time’. Of course they do. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll deliver it.

You should always, always ask for samples of their previous work so that you can decide if their quality is up to your standards.

You should also ask for a sample of your product before they print lots and lots of them out. It’s the time to iron out any issues with the initial design. Make sure you do it within your deadline though!

Budget – There are lots of options when it comes to printing. Do you want it laminated? Which GSM would you like? And so on... All of these options vary in price so I’m sure whatever your budget they’ll be something for you.

BUT, you should always discuss your budget with your printing company. They might be able to offer you discount rates or help you get a great bang for your buck.

Proof read – A lot of businesses fail to do this, and it costs them dearly. Imagine, everything has gone well. You designed the product, had it printed and it was ready for the conference. You start handing it out to people and then notice a spelling mistake. Not good.

When you receive your sample proof read again, again and again. One spelling mistake could end up reflecting badly on you and your business.

Going green – Today, everyone is pushing for greener products. This has never been more prevalent than in the printing business. You should (but don’t have to) ask if your printing company employ green printing methods. It’ll mean that you’re doing your bit too! 

Created on 2nd October 2013
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