APR 7, 2014

5 ways to present yourself professionally

If you want to be successful in business the way you present yourself is important. You need to carefully consider a number of things so that potential employers and clients view you favourably.

How can you do this?

Well here we’re going to look at 5 ways to be more professional.

Dress to impress: The way you dress makes a huge difference on how people think of you. First, asses your work place. If it’s required of you to dress smart, do so. If it isn’t, show off your personality in your clothing, but don’t wear anything too out there.

If you’re meeting with clients, a smart dress sense will go a long way.

Punctual: Turning up late for meetings, or completely missing appointments with clients isn’t professional. And it can ruin your relationship with customers and colleagues. So always put plenty of effort into making it to your appointment on time.

Of course, sometimes it just isn’t your fault that you’re late. If you can, let the person know in advance.

The right tools: You can purchase things that put you across more professionally too. Business cards for example are a great way to introduce yourself and build connections in a professional manner. Presentation folders too. If you’re pitching ideas or products, place all the info in a presentation folder and hand them out.

Keep your cool: Some times, clients, customers, and colleagues will have an issue with something you’ve done (or think you’ve done). And they might get angry. Raise their voice. Verbally abuse you. And you’ll be tempted to shout back.

Don’t. Remain calm and professional and ask if they’d like to talk the issue out.

Don’t slack: You’ve worked your socks off all week. Friday is coming around and you’re starting to tire a little. It’s Friday, you can cut down on your work, right?


You’re being paid to work. You should give the job your 100% all of the time. If you do slack one day a week, someone will notice.

So, if you’re starting a new job, or just looking to up your game, follow the tips above! 

Created on 7th April 2014
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