OCT 2, 2013

A few tips to help you find the printing service that’s right for you

The printing industry is a busy market. If you’re looking to print advertising material such as business folders then you need to find a reliable company. So how do you find the printing business that’s right for you? Many of them offer different types of printing and different materials.

Here we’re going to look at a few things to consider helping ensure you find the right people.


First up you should think about what it is you require from your printing company. Finding someone to print out 1000 business cards for you shouldn’t be too difficult. If you’re looking to have something a little more niche printed for you though, you’re going to have to spend some time shopping around.

Some printing companies out there will offer a very specific service, one that they’ll be perfectly equipped to deal with. Always make sure that the company you choose are adequately equipped to deal with your type of printing requirements.


Cost is one of the most important parts in any purchasing decision. And it’s likely that your business has a budget that you want to stick to. When you’re shopping around always ask how much your printing is going to cost. Remember that a small difference in price for one print might not seem like a lot, but if you’re printing in large quantities it’s going to add up.


Another vital part of making a purchasing decision is the reputation of the printer. You would never hire a not-so reliable plumber or builder, so why would you hire a bad printing company?

If you’ve managed to narrow your search down to a handful of companies thanks to the 2 variables above then it’s time to perform some quick searches. Try and find reviews from their past customers. If they’ve been slated, avoid them like the plague. If you can’t find any reviews then get in touch with the business and ask to see some testimonials. It’s all very well and good that they’re cheap and offer the service you need, but if their quality of printing is bad, it’s a pointless exercise.

Online or Local?

There are probably a few print shops within your local area. And that’s fine for quick, small printing jobs. If you do require something more specific though you might have to head online.

Online printing is usually much more cost effective but you might find it hard to see examples of their work. Making it hard to clarify whether they have a good reputation. 

Created on 2nd October 2013
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