APR 7, 2014

Business card etiquette

Unfortunately, many people don’t bother remembering business card etiquette. They shove a card in your face. Ask you to ring them when you don’t even work in the same industry. And they’re ruining business cards for everyone.

So don’t be that person and follow these 3 rules.

Don’t give one to every person you meet

You know what’s annoying? That guy who hands his business card out to every single person he meets. It doesn’t matter what industry they’re in. He’ll stuff one in their hand and say “get in touch, man”.

That’s like spamming someone in person.

Don’t be that guy!

Only take a business card if you’re going to connect

People who ask for a business card and then never, ever contact you. What’s the point!?

If you’re going to ask for someone’s business card, make sure that you’re going to chase them up for one thing or another. Otherwise it’s a waste of card and that person’s time.

Don’t throw a business card you’ve just received in the bin

If someone does force a business card on you that you don’t want and you aren’t going to follow up, don’t throw it in the bin. Chances are they might see you do it, or find it. And that won’t make them feel good.

So if you are going to throw it, wait until you get home.

Created on 7th April 2014
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