AUG 19, 2013

How to market your new product on a budget

If your business has recently produced a new project, marketing it can feel like an uphill battle. Marketing campaigns aren’t always successful and more often than not they’re expensive. This could mean that you spend lots of money pushing your product only to never see any return.

In this blog I’m going to look at how you can market your product on a budget and at the same time reinforce your brand.

Speak to the press

Put a press release together and send it off to journalists who cover your industry. The only thing it’ll cost you is a little time. Don’t fluff your press release up with useless industry jargon, just keep to the facts.

Journalists are always on the hunt for something to write about and so I’m sure they’ll welcome a story. If you don’t hear anything back from them within the week, follow up. The journalist will prefer to hear directly from the business owner rather than a press team.

Social media

Social media sites are hugely popular. The most popular two are Facebook and Twitter with millions upon millions of users each. To really connect with existing consumers and reach out to new ones, you should sign up. It’s completely free of charge and it allows you to show the world your brand new product!

You could also interconnect these social sites. For example you could sign up to something like Youtube and post a clip of you demonstrating your new product and then share this video through Twitter and Facebook.

Promotional folders and leaflets

Well made flyers and promotional folders can do a lot for a brand and product. They can show case what it is that your new product does, present a call to action and offer them a discount trial. Both of these things aren’t overly expensive to produce.

You need to ensure the design of these two things will attract your target audience. Otherwise it isn’t going to be anywhere near as effective as you would like.

Offer a free trial

Everyone loves something for free, regardless of what that thing is. Why not tap into this core desire and offer a trial version of your product for free? If they like the product then I guarantee that they’ll come back and buy it. You can promote this trial offer through your promo folders and leaflets, your social networks or to the press.

Marketing doesn’t have to cost you the earth. You can use one technique to complement another without having to break the bank. The key to promoting your product will be perseverance. It isn’t going to fly off the shelves straight away, but plug away at it and you’ll start to notice an improvement. 

Created on 19th August 2013
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