OCT 2, 2013

Why print is still relevant in the marketing world

The marketing world has changed a lot from say, 20 years ago. Now, marketing agencies put huge efforts into their online advertising. Technology has changed the way people consume media and find businesses.

So is there still a place for print marketing? Does it still work the way it once did?

In short – yes. Print is still hugely important and here’s why...

It’s durable

One great reason that print still exists in the marketing world is because that it outlasts many other different forms of advertising. Think about it – the last advert you saw online was there for around, what? 30 seconds? And that’s probably the last that you’ll see of it.

With print your customers have something tangible. Something that they can hold and take home with them. It isn’t something that flashes on a computer screen and then disappears; it outlives many of its marketing brethren.

Print can inform where others can’t

Like I just said, online ads come and go in a flash. The same goes for TV and radio. They have an allotted amount of time to sell a product. Advertisers are pushed to cram as much information into that allotted time as they can.

With print, providing you have an enticing print product, you can go into great detail about the product that you’re selling. You can specify the varying features or services, the advantages, the colour, the price and everything else. You don’t just have to choose one of these things.

Good marketing uses different channels

Yes, many of us are online or listening to the radio, but there are some out there that aren’t. How can you reach these people, without utilising print advertising? A great marketing campaign should use all of the media outlets available to them. This includes TV, online, radio and print.

Just choosing one of these channels narrows your audience base drastically.

Brand identity

One of the most vital parts of marketing is about creating a brand image. Something that potential customers will recognise. To do this you need to feature a logo or a colour scheme across all possible platforms. Print media is a great way to reinforce a brand image whether in posters, business cards or business folders.

Your business should never underestimate print as a viable marketing option. Not only is it effective, but it’s usually much cheaper than online or TV advertisements! 

Created on 2nd October 2013
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