APR 7, 2014

Why you shouldn’t do your own graphic design


If you want to market your business successfully then you’re going to need a great design. And you feel confident that you can create one on your home computer.

Well we say don’t bother. You aren’t a professional designer, and if you make create something terrible it’ll do more bad than good.

Still not convinced?

Then read on...


The first and most obvious point we’re going to look at is experience. As we said, you aren’t a professional designer. You don’t know what’s worked for other companies in the past and what hasn’t. You have no idea what colours are best suited for your target audience.

Hiring an experienced graphic designer comes with a huge array of benefits. They can guide you on your design. Tell you what’s good and what’s bad. And that shouldn’t be overlooked.


Most good graphic design comes out of skill, and the right tools. And those tools are expensive. Design software is a specialist thing and it can take years to master. Years that you don’t have. Or the budget to blow on a full design suite.

If you hire a designer, they come with the right tools. They know how to alter images, and turn your idea into a reality.

It’s all about marketing

Your design isn’t there to look pretty. It’s made to portray you. Boost brand recognition. And everything that goes into that design will influence it. The text will influence the way people look at you. The colour choice. The images used.

What do you know about these things? Your designer will understand what to use to best portray your message. And that’s the most important point of all.

So don’t get it wrong and try and design your own. Hire a pro. 

Created on 7th April 2014
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