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Palette Cleanser: Picking the Perfect Colour Scheme

Everyone loves a colour scheme. Whether it is in a room in your house, or putting an outfit together, colour plays an important role in how others perceive you or the environment that they are in.

This is why the colour scheme of your print designs is so crucial. You want to attract people to your design, not repel them in horror at a garish colour scheme that hurts the eyes to look at!

If you are having trouble trying to find the perfect colour scheme for your design, don’t fret! The internet has a huge range of tools to help you find that perfect colour harmony!

Adobe Kuler

Adobe is one of the biggest names when it comes to design, so it’s no wonder that they have their very own tool, Adobe Kuler, which allows you create an attractive colour scheme using complimentary colours. It also has a large designer community available where you are able to share your colour schemes and get feedback from other designers.


Colour is another extremely unique web tool that allows you to create your own colour palette for your design. You simply move your mouse around the screen and the background changes colour. Once you have found the perfect colour, simply click your left mouse button and the colour will be saved. You can carry on doing this until you have the perfect colour palette for your design.

It also provides you with the hex code for the specific colour you have chosen, so you can simply copy the code into your design package and begin creating with the colours you have chosen!

Colour Munki

The Colour Munki tool uses colours which are pantone; colours that won’t lose any colour quality when used for print. This not only provides you with the means to create an attractive colour scheme, but to save money by using colours that have excellent colour pay-off when it comes to printing with them.

It also has the option of browsing other user’s palettes, which can be useful if you find a similar colour scheme to what you are looking to use for inspiration.


This online tool also has the option of an iPad app download, so you can use it on the go. Colorotate allows you to see the colour spectrum in three dimensions, as well as showing you the best colour background and font combination to use from your palette.

It also has an option to see what people with certain visual impairments will be able to see in regards to the colours you are using, which is always an important factor to consider when picking the colour scheme. It’s imperative that everyone can read your print with ease!

These are just some of the many tools that are available on the web for free that can aid you in the design of your print work. At Folder Print, we are proud to provide the best quality printing services for your design needs.

From business cards to folder printing; we have you covered! For more information on any of our services, don’t hesitate to contact us on 01536 744157 and one of our friendly team members will be delighted to help you with your enquiries!

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