APR 7, 2014

Our top 6 tips for creating a great presentation


Standing up and giving a presentation in front of a room full of people can be daunting. And when you’re nervous you’ll stall, stutter and mumble. And then it only gets worse.

So what can you do to overcome the nerves can create a great presentation. Here we’re going to look at 6steps to create a presentation to remember.

What do you want to achieve?

The main fault with most presentations is that the message they’re trying to convey can become a little lost. So you should sit down with pen and paper and figure out what you want your presentation to convey. What do you want people to take away from it? Do you want them to learn something?  

Break it down

So now you know what you want to achieve with the presentation, break it down into segments. What should you introduce first? And what slides will follow to convey your message?

Write down subheadings of topics you can cover. For example, if you’re trying to sell a product, each slide would cover a different benefit of that product.

Don’t be a bore

When you’re creating your presentation try to avoid large blocks of text. You’ll be more inclined to turn and read off the board, and it’ll be boring. Try including images and videos. And the text you do use should be in bullet points.

Presentation folders

If you’re going to use handouts make sure they look professional. You could just hand out sheets and sheets of paper. Or you could print some presentation folders out and give each guest one when they enter.

Which sounds better to you?


Make sure that you learn every part of your presentation before the day. You need to know what’s coming up next, and be prepared for it. Don’t ramble off topic or fly ahead of yourself either. Practice will help you keep in time with the slides going on behind you.

Engage your audience

Try and get your audience involved in your presentation. Ask them questions, let them ask you questions, throw a few jokes in there. You need to keep them interested!

Oh, and don’t let it go on for hours. Otherwise they will become bored.

Created on 7th April 2014
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